Smart Irrigation Technology

SMART IRRIGATION TECHNOLOGY: promotes healthy and attractive landscaping by improving watering efficiency with new "Smart" technologies such as smart irrigation controllers and rotating sprinkler nozzles. Use these technologies together for the most savings!

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The latest innovation in irrigation is the smart sprinkler controller, a device that gives your plants the right amount of water for the time of year, climate and weather.
With Smart Controllers installed on your property, you will be able to avoid over-watering and excessive run-off by scheduling the amount of irrigation based on the type of landscape and current weather.

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A rain sensor is an irrigation shutoff device that prevents an automatic sprinkler system from turning on during and after a rain storm. Rain shut-off sensors are wired to a sprinkler timer and override the scheduled irrigation when a sensor on the shutoff device detects water.  
When the collected rainwater has evaporated from the sensor, scheduled irrigations resume. Rain shut-off sensors are simple, economical and useful tools for preventing irrigation that would be wasteful. Rain shut-off sensors work best for short off periods. For extended periods, it is more accurate to have sprinkler timer in the "off" position. City of Santa Barbara Water Customers can get free rain shut-off sensors, click here for more information

leaf bulletRotating Sprinkler Nozzles
The latest innovation in sprinkler technology are nozzles that turn a standard sprinkler head into a precision device that can water your landscape more efficiently by using 20% less water! City of Santa Barbara water customers can receive free efficient sprinkler nozzles by visiting by June 30, 2018.        
These nozzles shoot multi-trajectory, rotating streams that apply water more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays and rotors - especially when adjusted for specific site conditions.

In addition to reducing water use, the water jetting from these nozzles is more resistant to wind, less likely to mist, and significantly reduces run-off on to streets and sidewalk.  

Smart irrigation controllers work on a simple principle:  provide the appropriate watering schedule; adjust for weather changes; irrigate based on the needs of your landscape to conserve water while keeping your landscape healthy and green.

Rotating nozzles compliment that simple principle.  Rotating nozzles for pop up spray heads apply water much more slowly and uniformly than conventional spray nozzles, allowing the water to soak into the ground instead of running off.

Check with the Manufacturers!
Learn more about purchasing and installing these water-saving devices.

      Hunter Industries  
      Compatible with pop-up spray heads by Rain Bird, Hunter, Weathermatic, LR Nelson, HIT
      and Toro (female threaded pop-up stem)
      Rain Bird Corporation 
      Compatible with pop-up spray heads by Rain Bird, Hunter, Weathermatic, LR Nelson and 
This listing is provide as informational only and is not an endorsement of any company or sprinkler nozzle.

Not all pop-up spray head bodies are compatible with these nozzles.  Check the compatibility list above, or check with the nozzle manufacturers directly. 

Let the weather decide when the sprinklers come on and save water!

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