School Presentations

School Assemblies

Shows That Teach

Shows That Teach specializes in assembly performances (typically K-6) which educate elementary school students about water science and the importance of water conservation. This year, two specific shows are being offered in certain areas of Santa Barbara County, which can be conducted either in-person at schools or remote via Zoom: 

H2O, Where Did You Go?":
This exhilarating musical theatre-style performance focuses on the journey of water and why it is a natural resource which should be protected. In addition to motivating audiences to conserve water, H2O, Where Did You Go? connects with the K-6 curriculum by teaching students all about water.

"Waterology Music Show":
Waterology uses music to engage the audience about water science and conservation. This show shares similarities to our acclaimed H20, Where Did You Go?, educating about the watersheds, water cycle, and water conservation—but with even more flexibility. Waterology is not just ideal for K-6 and K-8 school assemblies, but also educational entertainment at environmental events.

Contact the Santa Barbara County Water Agency at or 805-568-3440 to see if your school is eligible for a FREE assembly, paid for by your local water district and the County of Santa Barbara (up to a $1,400 value!).  

Educational Videos

Shows That Teach is also offering a unique digital form of water education through a course of 10 weekly water education episodes. These short, fun videos cover various water-related topics such as basic water science, local water resources, water quality, ways to be water-wise, and more.

If you are interested in receiving these free water education videos, contact your local water provider or the Santa Barbara County Water Agency at or 805-568-3440. 

Shows That Teach's video on Santa Barbara's water resources:

All of Shows That Teach's performances and videos are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum. To learn more about Shows that Teach, please visit their website at 

Classroom Presentations

Water Education Specialists from participating local water providers can provide informative and fun presentations into your classroom. Sign up early though, staff is limited and presentations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. All presentations meet California State Content Standards. For additional presentations about Water Quality, visit Project Clean Water, or call 568-3546. For information on scheduling a classroom presentation, please contact the listed number below or call (805) 568-3440. 

City of Santa Barbara

Free presentations about Santa Barbara's water supply, water conservation, creeks and ocean water quality are interesting, fun and engaging. Presentations can be tailored to your group's age or class objectives and are aligned to CA content standards and the EEI curriculum. Contact Madeline Wood at (805) 897-2672. For more information, visit the City's water education webpage.

City of Santa Maria

Actively involve your students in learning about water by inviting a City of Santa Maria Water Conservation Specialist into your classroom. Staff is limited and presentations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Class presentations are provided for teachers and students who are enrolled within the Santa Maria Bonita School District. For more information view the City's flyer or call (805) 925-0951 ext. 7270. 

Vandenberg Village CSD

Upon request, Vandenberg Village CSD will provide free presentations on water conservation, water cycle and water supply to schools in Vandenberg Village. Please call (805) 733-2475 for more information.