Landscape Professionals

Various associations train and certify local landscape professionals in efficient landscape management. Visit the links below to find certified individuals in your area. While each certified individual has been trained and tested, Santa Barbara County does not endorse any specific landscape professional or company. Please note that each list applies to the individual and his or her employer.

Find a Landscape Professional in your area:

Landscape Maintenancelandscape directory - raking

  • Green Gardener: This is a localized certification for gardeners who have been trained in water and waste efficiency and pollution prevention landscape maintenance practices. 

Landscape Design

  • Green Gardens Group (G3) Certified Watershed Wise Landscape Professional: G3 Certified Watershed Wise Landscape Professionals have completed a sixteen hour course on irrigation and rainwater use efficiency, passed an examination, submitted a Site Evaluation designed to demonstrate the application of their WWLP training, and maintain annual CEUs in the Watershed Approach to landscaping.


Greywater and Rainwater

  • Greywater Installer: These Specialists know how to design and build greywater systems, gardens for rainwater harvesting, and composting toilets. 


If you are certified and want to have your name publicly listed or would like to become certified, please refer to the website of the type of certification(s) and/or training(s) you're interested in for more details.