2018 High School Video Contest - Video Upload

Congratulations! You've made your video, but you're not done yet.

Your submission must include the following to ensure eligibility:2017HSVCUpload

  1. Application Packet (with completed forms)
  2. 30 second video (see the tutorial video for details)

Failure to supply all forms may disqualify your video.

All application materials must be submitted online by 5pm on Friday, March 2nd, 2018.

Submit your video(s) online via Box.com or by email to kdurham@cosbpw.net. Name each video submittal as "Name of Video, Student last name(s), School".

You may upload your video and entry forms one at a time; however, you must ensure that you use the same email address in the form below for everything you submit. If we can't tell which submission form goes with which video, your entry won't be processed.  Videos must be under 5GB in size.  

For questions, email kdurham@cosbpw.net or call (805) 568-3440.