Find A Green Gardener In Your Area


All of the individuals listed have successfully completed the Green Gardener Program for Santa Barbara County. Attached is a list of current Green Gardeners for both North and South County.

The Green Gardener Program applies to the individual, not to the company that employs the landscape professional. The Green Gardener Program sponsors make no representations, warranties, or guarantees concerning the work performed by any of these listed cardholders.

Trained Professionals

By hiring a Green Gardener, you'll know that you are hiring someone who has been trained and tested in resource efficient landscape management practices. Perhaps more importantly, you will be working with someone who has spent time with peers and expert trainers examining these complex issues.

Water efficiency
Green waste reduction
Fertilizer management
Pesticide reduction
Low maintenance plant material selection
Pollution prevention

Green Gardeners have at their fingertips the printed and personal resources needed to make environmentally responsible, economically sound decisions. If your gardener has not attended the Green Gardener Program, urge him or her to attend our next training session.