Garden Wise TV Show

Garden Wise is an entertaining television series about designing and maintaining sustainable landscapes.

Carpinteria Garden Contest Winner 4

- Save money on your water bill!
- Learn how to select the right plant!
- Get easy gardening tips!
- Discover new technologies!
- Protect the planet!

Join our host and other local experts as we introduce you to new concepts and techniques to apply in your own garden.

Santa Barbara Garden Contest Winner 3

Links to the videos and summaries of each episode are available below:

Garden Wise

Garden Wise 22 flyer

Episode 24: Screening Plants Make the World Go Away - FlyerNEW!

Episode 23: Beautify Your Landscape with Container Plants - Flyer 

Episode 22: Grasses for the Masses - Flyer  

Episode 21: Get the Best Out of Your Landscape - Flyer

Episode 20: Do it Yourself - Summary

Episode 19: Microbial Life - Summary

Episode 18: Go California Native - Summary

Episode 17: I'll Take Plants For $400, Alex! - Summary

Episode 16: Spring Gardening, Pest Control and Hollywood Natives - Summary 

Episode 15: Take Your Landscape to the Next Level with Trees - Summary

Episode 14: Landscape Triage: What To Save in a Drought - Summary 

Episode 13: Design a Water Wise Garden & Save - Summary

Episode 12: Mulch it, Plant it, Grow it: How to Create a Water Wise Landscape - Summary

Episode 11: Lawn Be Gone - Summary

Episode 10: Sage Advice from Garden Masters - Summary

Episode 9:   Golden Rules for Golden Landscapes - Summary

Episode 8: Get to Know Your H2O - Summary

Episode 7: Drought Proofing Your Garden - Summary

Episode 6: Now Showing at a Garden Near You - Summary

Episode 5: Bee Water Wise with Beneficial Bugs - Summary

Episode 4: Frugal Watering and Fruitful Gardening - Summary

Episode 3: Rainy Days in the Garden - Summary

Episode 2: Dynamic Organics - Summary

Episode 1: Go West - Summary

Garden Wise Guys (original show)

Episode 18: Gnome and Garden - Summary

Episode 17: Going Back to School - Summary

Episode 16: Saving Money and Resources in Your Garden - Summary

Episode 15: Gardening in Small Spaces - Summary

Episode 14: Field Guide to Western Watersheds - Summary

Episode 13: Lawn and Order - Summary

Episode 12: The Big Picture - Summary

Episode 11: California Native Plants - Summary

Episode 10: Climate Friendly Landscapes - Summary

Episode 9: Firescape Garden, Cookin' in Brooklyn, America's Most Watered - Summary

Episode 8: Plant it Right, Beneficial Bugs, and GWG Home Shopping - Summary

Episode 7: Firescaping, Wise Watering, Re-Use in the Garden - Summary

Episode 6: Creating a Sustainable and Beautiful Firescape: 27 1/2 Minutes - Summary

Episode 5: Garden Maintenance in the Sustainability Zone - Summary

Episode 4: A Sustainable Garden on a DEADline - Summary

Episode 3: Journey to the Center of the Dirt - Summary

Episode 2: How to Water Wisely - Summary

Episode 1: Right Plant, Right Place - Summary


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The quarterly show is produced by City TV Santa Barbara with major funding by:
Santa Barbara County Water Agency
Goleta Water District
City of Santa Barbara Public Works Department

Additional funding provided by:
Carpinteria Valley Water District
La Cumbre Mutual Water Company
City of Buellton
City of Solvang
Vandenberg Village CSD