Field Trips

There are several, fun, water-related destinations for classes within Santa Barbara County. Take your class out to see how water is treated before it is delivered to your tap or to a local garden to learn about resource efficient landscaping. For information on scheduling a field trip to one of the destinations listed below, please contact the listed number or call (805) 568-3440.

Dams/Reservoirs and Well Sites
Water Treatment Plants
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Demonstration Gardens 


Watershed Resource Center (K-8th)
The Center features interactive exhibits, a computer center, a resource library, a watershed model, and a water quality lab. Topics covered include local watersheds, water quality issues and how to protect our creeks and ocean. The Center is available as a resource for teachers, student science projects, and for participating in volunteer projects. Many projects focus on actions that can directly help to improve water quality, such as creek restoration projects, beach and creek clean-ups, and water quality monitoring. For more information, please call Art From Scrap at 884-0459 x16.

Dams/Reservoirs and Well Sites

Lake Cachuma and Bradbury Dam (4th-6th)
During this one-hour tour, students cross Bradbury Dam and inspect the spillway. Topics for discussion include Santa Ynez Watershed runoff and storage, and the Tecolote Tunnel, which carries water to the South Coast. Contact dam-tender, Bruce Jones, at (805) 688-4612 to arrange a tour.

Montecito Water District Ortego Reservoir (3rd-12th)

Students will learn about their local water supply and the importance of the reservoir. To arrange a tour, call (805) 969-2271.

Twitchell Dam and Reservoir (5th-12th)

The Santa Maria Valley Water Conservation District will guide students on a tour of Twitchell Dam and Reservoir. Students will learn about the functions of the dam and the various activities of the District. To schedule a tour, call Sandy at (805) 925-8989.

Water Treatment Plants

City of Lompoc Water Treatment Plant Tour (3rd-12th)
On this 45 minute tour, students will learn how the City's water is filtered and softened. Capacity is limited to 30 people per group. To arrange a tour, call Richard Wise at (805) 736-1617.

Montecito Water District Bella Vista Treatment Plant (3rd-12th)

On this tour, students will learn about water quality issues and the treatment process. Limit 25 people. To schedule a tour, please call (805) 969-2271 two weeks in advance.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

City of Lompoc Wastewater Treatment Plant (6th-12th)

For students from K-4th, the tour includes a video outlining the water cycle, an overview of the treatment process and an hour-long tour of the plant. Adult supervision is required with approximately 1 adult for 10 children. For students from 5th - college levels, the tour includes a detailed discussion of the treatment process and plant operations while viewing the equipment used to treat wastewater. This tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Groups of approximately 30 to 40 people can be accommodated. To arrange a tour, contact Dale Ducharme at (805) 875-8405.

City of Santa Barbara El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour (3rd-12th)

During this 90 minute tour, students will learn what happens to water once it goes down the drain or the toilet. To set up a tour, and free bus service for Santa Barbara City Schools, contact Madeline Ward at 897-2672 or Watch a tour given to Adams Elementary School.

Field Trip 1City of Santa Maria Blending Station and Wastewater Treatment Plant

At the blending station, students will learn about the chloramination process and its importance. At the wastewater treatment plant, students will have the opportunity to view the wastewater treatment process firsthand. To arrange a tour, call (805) 925-0951 Ext. 7270.

Laguna County Sanitation District (3rd-12th)

This 1-hour tour includes an overview of each step in the treatment process and will demonstrate how reusing water for spray irrigation on pastureland helps meet our local water demands. Students will also learn about the District's project to convert to tertiary treatment. Limit 30 people. To schedule a tour, call (805) 739-8750.

Montecito Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant (6th-12th)

Tours will be organized and tailored to the specific grade level, the number of students and time requested. Students will see live "sewer bugs" under a microscope, view a video of the inside of a sewer pipe and witness an up close look at the treatment plant process. To arrange a tour, please contact Diane Gabriel, Principal Engineer, at (805) 969-4200.Alice Keck

Demonstration Gardens

Visit our Demonstration Gardens page.