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Water Resources of Santa Barbara County (21 Minutes)
The video introduces viewers to the diverse water supplies present in Santa Barbara County through interviews, images, and narration. Topics include history, climate, local groundwater basins, local reservoirs, cloud seeding, state water project, and water conservation. Santa Barbara County has a diverse water portfolio with the majority of water being drawn from local groundwater basins and reservoirs. While each water provider is working with a unique set of circumstances, the "Water Resources of Santa Barbara County" video provides a solid basis for the public's understanding of the dynamic water supply issues present in our local communities. Due to our variable climate, understanding our local water supplies is an important factor for wise water consumption year round. Including the latest information on indoor and outdoor water conservation, this video enables water users to be smart about their water use choices.  DVD copy available upon request.

Water from Water: Program 1 and 2 (6th-12th; 15 and 20 minutes)
The two videos in this series cover desalination and water recycling.

Groundwater: Banking on the Future (6th-12th; 12 minutes)
The program shows how significant groundwater is to California's total water supply and demonstrates how it is being protected for today and tomorrow.

Water - Who Needs It? (K-6th; 14 minutes)
This colorful video and activity booklet shows children the importance of water in their lives and demonstrates ways they can conserve water around their home. Junior "scientists" in the video perform experiments that reveal why clean water is important for growing healthy plants.

The Water Cycle (4th-6th; 12 minutes) 
This entertaining video depicts the 4 phases of the water cycle and shows how water is cleaned and purified. Junior "scientists" demonstrate three easy experiments that children can do and is accompanied by an activity booklet.

California's Water (each episode ~ 28 minutes)
A multi part public television series, California's Water is produced by and stars Huell Howser. The series explores California's water resources and the complex system of natural and man-made features that has allowed communities, businesses, farms, and ecosystems to co-exist in a state that receives little or not water for months at a time. Oh my. Episodes can be seen online here and include:

  • We All Live in a Watershed
  • Desalting Water
  • Water Recycling Imitates Nature
  • Storing Water
  • What's New on the Colorado River
  • Protecting Against Floods
  • Using Water Wisely
  • Sacramento-San Juaquin Delta
  • Regional Solutions for Local Needs
  • Water Efficient Gardens in Full Bloom
  • Farm Water: Growing More with Every Drop
  • Beyond Drought: Factors Affecting California's Water Supply
  • Climate Change
  • Sacramento Valley: Working Together Pays Off
  • Cleaning Water the Natural Way
  • Flood Fight of 2006
  • California's Water System
  • Water and Energy: A Powerful Connection
  • Living With Nature (Endangered Species)
  • Tightening the Water Belt
  • Groundwater Banking
  • Tap Water: The Drink of Choice
  • Water Supply Reliability Through Innovation


Additional Videos

Additional videos are also available, for a small cost, from various organizations throughout the state. A sampling of offerings is provided below.

Water Education Foundation 
717 K Street, Suite 517
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 444-6240

"H2O-2010" Video (7th-12th)
This video is designed to get students thinking about issues that revolve around water and its use in California. The history of California water and the critical water policy issues facing us today are examined by teens in a "Back to the Future" style scenario. The 25-minute video comes with a teacher's guide with student activities, and a California Water Map. Video set price: $25.

Santa Barbara County Education Office
Instructional Media Services
4400 Cathedral Oaks Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6307
(805) 964-4711

A number of films and videos are available for loan at the Santa Barbara County Education Office. Your district must have a contract with the County Education Office to use their films and videos.

The Video Project 
Films and Videos for a Safe & Sustainable World
PO BOX 411376
San Francisco, California 94141-1376

This non-profit organization offers high quality, affordable programs on issues critical to the fate of our planet and its people. Videos are available to purchase or rent and many include study guides. Call the Project for a free copy of their catalogue. Some of their many titles cover water issues, such as those listed below:

  • Heading for the Shore: The Struggle to Save America's Coasts
  • The Water Cycle
  • We All Live Downstream
  • When the Spill Hit Homer
  • The Mighty River
  • Drinking Water: Quality on Tap
  • The Water in Our Backyard