Lots of information is available within our brochures. Find ideas to reduce your water use, see plants which thrive in Santa Barbara, learn about rebate programs, and get step by step directions for installing state of the art water saving irrigation. It's all right here.

Landscape Water Conservation

Save Water Outside - Colorful poster and graphic highlighting easy ways to save water in the drought

Help Your Trees Survive the Drought - Water your trees wisely; from the California Urban Forests Council

How to be Water-Wise in Your Garden - Simple steps you can take to save water today

Water Wise Plants for Santa Barbara (or 2007 Version) - Examples of how to create lush landscapes using less water 

Working with Your Gardener - Bilingual brochure to help you communicate your needs with your gardener

Sustainable Landscaping - Resource efficient landscapes for Santa Barbara County

Easy Water Wise Gardening - Sunset Magazine publication covers plants, irrigation, and how to do it all in style

FireWise and WaterWise Landscaping - Learn how to reduce landscape water use and protect your home from fire

Gardening with California Natives - Provided by the California Native Plant Society

Rain Gardens - This guide will teach you how to capture rain off your roof or hardscape and use it in your yard 

Santa Maria Valley Sustainable Garden - Tour this North County demonstration garden

Sheet Mulching From the Ground Up - Learn how to kill off grass and weeds while building healthy soil

Successful Planting - Planting guide from the Green Gardening Group for how to plant successfully. 


Irrigation System Brochures

Irrigation System Evaluations for Large Landscapes - Free evaluations to improve irrigation performance

Irrigation System Evaluations for Agriculture - Free evaluations to improve irrigation performance

Improving Irrigation Efficiency - Use the latest weather data to adjust your irrigation schedule

Sprinkler to Drip Retrofit - Step by step guide to help you convert to drip irrigation

Sprinkler to Rotary Nozzle Retrofit - Step by step guide to help you convert to rotary nozzles

Irrigation Controllers for the Homeowner - Highlights important irrigation controller features

Landscaper's Guide to Best Management Practices (BMPs) - available in Spanish

Homeowner's Guide to Best Management Practices (BMPs)  


Spanish Language Brochures

Trabajando con su Jardinero para un jardin sano

Programa 'Green Gardener'

Jardineria Con Plantas Nativas de California

Dinero para Hacer su Jardin mas Eficaz en el Uso de Agua

Evaluaciones de Sistemas de Riego

Rociador para Reconstruir el Goteo

Rociador para Boquilla Giratoria